It’s about how you align yourself in the world of music and where your loyalties are, and basically I don’t have any.
— Philip Glass
Quite frankly, I’m not a giant lover of the majority of today’s music. I love lyrics and I can hardly understand them. I love melody and I can’t find it.
— Graham Nash, Crosby Stills & Nash
They’re not going to get, you know, like, a Justin Bieber record that has two hits on it and then, like, eight confusing songs that make you feel like you need to take a shit.
— Victoria Legrand, Beach House

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I happen to be in the minority when it comes to indie music’s love affair with St. Vincent...a high-drama, strobe-heavy light show that felt at times like one of those clinical trials that tries to induce headaches
— review of St. Vincent @ the Fox Theatre
For an artist who often seems like she’s taken one too many valiums, Lana Del Rey elicits a weird range of emotions. First came the embrace. Then the backlash. Then the backlash to the backlash. At this point the LDR sensation just feels like whiplash.
— review of Lana Del Rey
The band sounded incredible. And that’s coming from someone who couldn’t pick any Grateful Dead players out of a lineup, save perhaps Jerry Garcia (and that might only be recognition from a certain ice cream carton).
— review of Bob Weir & RatDog @ TRI Studios

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