Airbnb (Tech) - Copywriter, 2015.

Everlane (Fashion) - Copywriter, 2015- 2016.

Chandelier Creative (Agency) - Copywriter, 2016.

 Juice Shop (Health/Beverage) - Director of Social Media, copywriter, 2012-2016.

AFAR Magazine (Editorial) - Content strategy, copywriter, 2014-2015.

Ditto Sunglasses (Fashion/Tech) - Content strategy, art direction, content creation, 2016. 

ShopRunner (Tech) - Content strategy, 2016. 

Amour Vert (Fashion/Retail) - Content strategy, copywriter, 2015-2016.

PIA (Fashion/Retail) - Content strategy, 2016.

It's It Ice Cream (Food) - Content strategy, art direction, content creation, 2015. 

Katie Raffetto Interior Design (Design) - Content strategy, art direction, content production, 2015-2016.

PACT Clothing (Fashion) - Content strategy, art direction, content creation, copywriter, 2014.

The Bu Kombucha (Health/Beverage) - Content strategy, art direction, content creation, 2014. 

Basic Training (Health/Fitness) - Director of Social Media, 2013. Focus: social media campaign for Indiegogo campaign, which surpassed a $40,000 goal to build an outdoor public fitness hub in Hayes Valley. 

Blink Inc (Photography/Retail) - Director of Social Media, 2013-2014.

HIPP & kirk (Fashion) - Content strategy, 2014.

Most Modest (Industrial Design) - Content strategy, content creation, Director of Social Media, 2014.

LOLA Creative (Photography/Fashion) - Content strategy, 2014.




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