Movember, a campaign about prostate cancer and other health issues affecting men, requests that participants go razor-free for one month and raise funds through pledges. Like a walkathon, but on your face. Hardship? Not really. In fact, you just gained five extra minutes of sleep each morning, saved your drain a month’s worth of clogging, and, if you weren’t already sporting tight pants and boat shoes, earned yourself come-ons by a novel demographic of dive-bar-frequenting ‘stache-loving hipsters.
— Men of Movember, People Issue
It’s an age-old story: Boy visits San Francisco at age 13, develops a “youthful fascination with California,” relocates from Maryland at 21, finishes art school, scoops ice cream, gets a job on the stock exchange for five years because he happens to be a math whiz, and becomes the foremost sign-painter in town...If you think you are unfamiliar with New Bohemia’s work, then think again. There is evidence of the company’s brushwork all over the city.
— New Bohemia Signs, Art & Design Issue
Most bands wouldn’t admit that they are in it for the swag: “I wanted some free jeans,” jokes Churches frontman Caleb Nichols, 29. Eternally sassy and sarcastic, Nichols has an ebullient personality that belies a tumultuous childhood; an on-again, off-again relationship with high school (he dropped out) and college (he repeatedly dropped out and re-enrolled); and his struggles with being gay in the conservative “bedroom community” of Los Osos, Calif. “I don’t fly a rainbow flag,” says Nichols, referring to his place in the world—being neither straight nor culturally gay—as a no-man’s land.
— Churches, Art & Design Issue
Whether it’s an old tennis racket cover snipped and sewn into a wallet or an abandoned Richmond District storefront transformed into a bastion of handmade goods, craftsman-turned-shopkeeper Alissa Anderson has a knack for making something lovely out of something nobody seems to want.
— Foggy Notion, Music Issue
For the last four years, beachy surf-pop outfit The She’s—an acronym for the quartet’s first names—has been San Francisco’s “high school band.” But as bassist Samantha “Sami” Perez, singer Hannah Valente, guitarist Eva Treadway, and drummer Sinclair Riley approach the final semester of their senior year, they are trying to leave behind the “high school” bit.
— The She's, Music Issue
There are myriad reasons we get lazy about what we eat—jobs, finances, convenience, social obligations, you name it. But whether you work during farmers market hours, prioritize saving money over saving the environment (yes, this is a slight guilt trip), or have simply defaulted on your New Year’s resolution to eat locally, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box can get you back on track.
— Community Supported Agriculture, Food Issue